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ANA Hep 2000

  • World’s most sensitive assay for ANA detection
  • Transfected HEp 2 cell line with SSA/Ro60 over expression
  • Improved correct sensitivity for SSA/Ro missed on standard HEp 2 cells
  • The ability to IDENTIFY SSA/Ro with a unique confirmatory pattern
  • Improved visibility of rare patterns such as PCNA, Scl70, ASMA, Jo-1
  • Comprehensive pre and post sales support including pattern training

ANCA-L Ethanol

The ANA intereference on the ANCA has been a historical problem. With the new ANCA-L Kits, we offer a solution for picking up ANA interference.

  • Lymphocytes provide an additional tool to check for ANA interference
  • Sample Diluent reduces non-specific fluorescent staining
  • Positive and negative controls are ready-to-use
  • Titratable controls are included
  • Moat around the wells reduces cross-contamination
  • Well spacing is compatible with multi-channel pipettes

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