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Leica operating microscopes are geared to the requirements of microsurgery.

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ENT Surgical Microscopes from “LEICA”.ENT microscopes to visualize the surgical site and to enable a wide range of surgical procedures with a deeper and more detailed view.

Leica M320 F12 for ENT Analyzer

The Leica M320 F12 bundles apochromatic optical quality with cutting-edge LED illumination and high-definition imaging technology. Ease of use and flexible, smooth maneuverability are additional characteristics of this microscope.

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Leica M525 F20 Analyzer

The Leica M525 F20 surgical microscope combines brilliant optical quality with superior maneuverability. Designed as an otolaryngology microscope, the Leica M525 F20 is also ideal for spine, dental, hand, and plastic/reconstructive procedures.

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