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  • Designed to meet the workflow demands of the surgical environment. It can be used in variety of procedures including spine, cranial, and orthopedics.
  • The O-arm system’s high quality, versatile imaging provides the information you need to guide your clinical decision making.
  • The O-arm system has been designed to complement the surgical workflow with:
  • Multiple surgical table options
  • Inter-room mobility for concurrent cases
  • On-demand imaging, no need to schedule in advance

Indications of use

  • The O-arm O2 Imaging System is a mobile x-ray system designed for 2D fluoroscopic and 3D imaging for adult and pediatric patients weighing 60 lbs or greater and having an abdominal thickness greater than 16cm, and is intended to be used where a physician benefits from 2D and 3D information of anatomic structures and objects with high x-ray attenuation such as bony anatomy and metallic objects. The O-arm O2 Imaging System is compatible with certain image guided surgery systems.


  • Along with StealthStation™ navigation, the O-arm system provides enhanced 3D visibility and surgical feedback. It also:
  • Provides current patient data in the OR
  • Enables advanced surgical approaches like MIS
  • Provides additional information in challenging procedures, like heavier patients or patients with unusual anatomy
  • Automatic registration keeps the process simple
  • The O-arm system also offers options for workflow efficiencies, such as:
  • In procedures where pre-op axial/coronal/sagittal slice data is necessary, it may be possible to use the O-arm system to provide the initial data set
  • Eliminating the need to send patients to be scanned in radiology


  • The O-arm system provides flexibility for surgeons to achieve As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). Multiple image protocols allow the surgeon flexibility to choose the appropriate dose to the patient based upon individual clinical objectives.

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