The Midas Rex™ Legend EHS stylus high-speed surgical drill

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Most advanced and flexible Electric & Pneumatic Drill System

  • High-torque in a compact size, suited for a wide range of surgeries (Spine, Neurotology, ENT)
  • Small and lightweight
  • Quick set-up and easy to use design
  • Adjustable speed from 200-75,000 rpm
  • Works with color-coded, standardized Midas Rex Legend Tools and Attachments for added convenience and quick set-up.

Tools & Attachments

  • A standardized platform that includes both pneumatic and electric Midas Rex motors
  • An intuitive line of attachments, chucks, and tools for almost every surgical need.
  • Versatile system reduces the amount of equipment in the operating room.
  • A broad range of standard and specialty Legend attachments fit both electric and pneumatic Midas Rex motors.
  • “Snap, click, twist,” 3-step, quick release system
  • Ergonomically designed and textured for grip and control
  • Large, easily read markings identify matching attachments and tools
  • Bold color coding identifies matching attachments and tools

Variable Exposure Attachments

  • Allow a surgeon to vary dissecting tool exposure for optimal visibility without changing surgical hand position.
  • Adjustments in 1 mm increments without ever touching the tool.
  • Straight and angled options are available in both small and large bore sizes.

Other Attachments

  • Small bone attachments
  • Large Bone attachments
  • Angled attachments
  • Telescopic attachments
  • Footed attachments

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