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Fully Automated Testing and Fast Turn Around

  • The most standardized, and precise solution available
  • 75 second testing cycle with testing modes for fresh, washed, frozen, post-vas, swim-up, density gradient, low volume, and cryobank preperation/QC
  • Simple learning curve and repeatable results regardless of operator proficiency.
  • Reduce sample testing time by 90%
  • Deliver patient results immediately
  • Significant benefit in cost of reporting

Accuracy and Precision

  • Accurate results regardless of expertise
  • Exceptional repeatability
  • Inter / Intra laboratory standardization

Stay Current with New standards

  • WHO 5th Edition testing criteria
  • SOA specific CAP proficiency challenge
  • FDA approved / CLIA moderately complex

Day to Day Simplicity

  • Disposable testing capillary
  • Easy to learn and use
  • From power ON to testing in minutes
  • Solutions in place for the whole testing process
  • Live phone support and e-mail/online assistance

Peace of Mind

  • Objective Testing
  • Video and picture confirmation
  • Proven technology

On-Site Installation and Training Includes

  • Standard Operating Procedure and integration assistance
  • Thorough training on the Visior system and the semen analysis process
  • Technical and clinical support resources at every step
  • Validation assistance to get yot automated rapidly for fast ROI
  • Simplified proficiency, QC and validation procedural training.
  • In addition to Sperm Qualit, Analyzers, MES also produces a line of QwikCheckr Test Kits designed to assist with all forms of manual and automated semen analysis.

For more information visit MES, ISRAEL website

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